The Finnish Customs has conducted product testing on Baby Wallaby’s pacifier clips, and as a result the Customs has notified that the metal clip of the pacifier clip has broken into pieces in the impact test. Due to the fact that the metal clip may break down into small pieces, there is a choking risk in the pacifier clips for children.

The use of the specified pacifier clips below shall immediately be discontinued, and the pacifier clips shall be removed from the reach of children.

The recall of the Baby Wallaby’s pacifier clips concerns the following products:

  1. color coconut/light brown, batch number 306020;
  2. color natural/white, batch number 304020;
  3. color black, batch number 303020;

The pacifier clips (dark brown) specified below was not part of the Customs’ testing, however, for safety precaution reasons, Baby Wallaby Oy has decided to recall also the following pacifier clip from the market:

  1. color dark brown, batch number 305020.

The batch numbers only read in the care and safety product label, not on the product.

The said batches of pacifer clips have been for sale during:

  • color coconut/light brown between 5.6.2019-2.11.2021;
  • color natural/white between 3.7.2018-2.11.2021;
  • color black betwenn 11.12.2017-2.11.2021;
  • color dark brown between 3.7.2018-2.11.2021.

We are not aware of that any pacifier clip has harmed anyone or that there has been a close call, nevertheless, as mentioned above, the sale, other transfer and use shall be immediately discontinued.

The pacifier clips should be returned by consumers to the place of purchase, where they will be refunded.

Should you have any questions, please be in contact to, Baby Wallaby Oy