About us

Baby Wallaby is a Finnish family-owned company, which was established in 2015. The idea to establish a company was born when a new mother wanted through her invention, newborn duvet and linen, to help other parents in their daily routines. The love of a small family to beautiful causes and practical objects got a new meaning when a set of products was built around the newborn duvet. Timeless, luxurious and stylish product lines for babies and young children was ready for a launch by the summer of 2016.

All Baby Wallaby products are designed in Finland. Scandinavian lines – minimalism, practicality and high-quality materials - can be seen in the product designs.

Neutral shades create a harmonious integrity that fits to home interior while soft materials guarantee the full comfort of the youngest family members.

For us as parents, and also as a company, the safety of children comes first. That is why all our textiles are free from harmful substances. In addition, we test our products with third and independent parties.

The harmony of colours, luxurious materials and practicality make our products unique and their users at the same time become part of something special - the Baby Wallaby family. We hope that you enjoy our products and find additional help to your daily routines.

Baby Wallaby is a registered trade mark.